AppCoins BDS Wallet

स्टोर डाउनलोड्स 250k - 500k
आवृत्ती 45 तास आधी

AppCoins BDS Wallet चे वर्णन

The wallet to purchase your favorite items in your apps and games!

AppCoins BDS Wallet is the tool you need to buy your favorite in-app items whether gems, weapons or more lives in your preferred game! Remember you can use previously bought/earned AppCoins or your credit card; it’s as easy as always!

The best words to describe the AppCoins BDS Wallet are simplicity and safety. Simplicity because this app allows you to receive, store and send your tokens in a very easy and comfortable way. Actually, you have all these options in the home view! In addition, your private keys will never leave your device, which means they’re stored locally and that’s why your privacy and security are 100% guaranteed!

With the AppCoins BDS Wallet, users can make in-app payments with APPC as easy and comfortable as if they were using traditional fiat currency payment methods. In case they don’t have any APPC yet, bank cards can be used to make the payments as always. And everything will be registered and guaranteed through blockchain technology!

AppCoins BDS Wallet is exactly the tool that APPC users need to store their tokens and process all transactions, including in-app payments and rewards coming from acquisition campaigns. So just try it now!

The revolution of the app economy is brought to us by AppCoins, the cryptocurrency created for app users, developers, stores and OEMs.

This app is brought to you by BDS, a company that aims to improve the distribution and monetization of apps through blockchain technology. Find out more in www.blockchainds.com.

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APK आवृत्ती
सुसंगती Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)
निर्माता Blockchain Distribution Services
गोपनीयता धोरण https://catappult.io/appcoins-wallet/privacy-policy
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